Automatically add Google Meet to Google Calendar events

I usually have my virtual meetings over Google Meet. Unfortunately, I keep forgetting to click the “Add Google Meet” button in Google Calendar when scheduling meetings. Then it’s often a scramble to agree on a meet link before the meeting starts.

The public instance of Google Calendar has a setting to automatically add Google Meet to events you create (under Settings > General > Event Settings):

Google Calendar setting “Automatically add Google Meet video conferences to
events I create”

Unfortunately, if you’re on a Google Workspace account, your administrator can remove this setting.

So, I wrote a user script to click the “Add Google Meet” button for me automatically. It’s a bit hacky, but it works.


  • The easiest way to install this script in your browser is using a user script manager. If you have Tampermonkey installed, just click on the “view raw” link at the bottom right of the embedded Gist above.

  • Chrome can also install user scripts directly from GitHub. Download the file and drag it onto the Chrome extensions page (chrome://extensions).

I’ve only tested this on Google Chrome. Let me know if it works on other browsers or with user script managers other than Tampermonkey.

Also, note that this won’t work if you’re using Google Calendar in a different language than English.

Dr. Michael Forster
Dr. Michael Forster
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